You're all pieces of shit and i hope ppl turn on u like u have wth trish

You're all pieces of shit and i hope ppl turn on u like u have wth trish


Take your blind dumb and deff ass somewhere else, you want to cherish your disgusting monster face Trisha go do it somewhere else, you’re doing mental acrobats for Trisha. Toxic pile of shit Trisha deserves fans like you. Greedy little monster cunt


i'm not going anywhere thank u bud, i dont cherish anyone, rather i see things from a neutral place, ppl made up their minds when they see what the masses think, i just wont, i already said trish acted wrong in my OC


I find it so funny that you think others are pathetic when you have come on here and acted like a two year old.


and what do u call the way trish has been treated... mature, if all situations ended like this their would be no society


There’s a subreddit dedicated to Trisha (r/blndsundoll4mj) where you can post this to. I don’t know know who you’re trying to convince here


um this applies to h3 so don't butt in and dont tell others what to post


Ok dude my point is you’re upset people are dunking on you on a post about Trisha on a subreddit called h3h3productions lol. You’re wasting your time wanting to fight everyone but I guess everyone has their weird kinks Stay mad bby 😘


Nope im only upset that no one really has an opinion they just go with the masses.... to get upvotes and feel like they are good ppl, pathetic. Ttrish fucked up with her articulation, but not to the point this goes this catatonic, n what universe is my comment not 4 the h3 reddit when frenemies is a h3 production, another dumb sheepish comment not even thought out, posted for the upvotes huh, nite im gonna go enjoy my real life


Trisha pissed off so many people by trying to cancel everyone. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.


Also if you care for Trisha, then her leaving Frenemies on her own is a good thing if she truly believes H3/Ethan is a liar and manipulative. In that case, being on her own is good for her mental health.


Nah she psycho and you're ignoring too much. I've said this before but the fact that she was upset about a pregnancy title is enough to see what kind of person she is. She lied about the costumes, which is insane and tried to make Ethan look stupid. She wanted to replace the crew by removing their work. It's not just about the money but maybe the crew enjoyed being part of the team and she just was a dick about it all. She's called Hola some bad words. She caused beef between Moses and Hila. The list goes on. The reason people like you are able to downplay so much is because the amount of shitty behavior and examples is too much to focus on. It's like Trump and why he's able to get away with so much.


The title was repeated though, i literally thought "huh what" when i saw that title actually even b4 this kicked off, and it was only even casually mentioned during they're [arguing.it](https://arguing.it) was not a complaint, nor a demand or a diva move The costumes thing ok but did u ever think perhaps its similar to when someone says "shall we watch this movie" and u say yes cool i love that movie" too not be a dick" and cause u know the other person liked it" dont forget she came in the costume, once again this issue came up because they argued, and probs wouldnt have even mattered if all went well, im sure ethan has said "yeh cool" wen he wasnt really into it the crew thing was literally her poorly executed was of saying, "i want some say on the production of the show as im 50/50 of frenemies she's allowed to think ideas are shit, and the were, like is said, she was wrong how she went about it and was rude, but the reaction to this is un-humane and outrageous


cry harder


Is that all it takes to be hated now? everyone is so desperate for upvotes they come up with so many angles in which trish is the devil, all that doesnt change the fact that this is a minor thing, yes she was rude but this reaction is pathetic and shameful


You okay dude?


Don't know if your being sarcastic but either way i'm always good man cheers


Hey. No. Go away. 🌬 🐛




"Do me a favour, go explain this situation 2 someone who has never heard about h3 or trisha paytas, record yourself doing it, watch it back and see how pathetic this all is sounds" ​ Do us a favor and re-read your god damn post